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3 years ago

Become a Zephyr Scale All-Star! [Application has closed]

Hi Zephyr Scale Community! 


We're inviting everyone to join a new community program: Zephyr Scale All-Stars! 

Have something to share? Want to communicate with your peers and be involved in product development? This program is exactly what you need.  




Participants get great benefits: feedback sessions with the Zephyr Scale Product and Community teams, gift cards, swag, free access to SmartBear Connect, opportunities to host user groups, and more! 


To join the program, you must be a customer or partner and participate in the Zephyr Scale Community. Details are at the link above. We will be receiving applications until March 31.


Our goal is to support Zephyr Scale professionals by offering benefits and opportunities that will bring the Zephyr Scale Community to the next level.