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9 months ago

accessing images


How can I programmatically access an image stored on your cloud?

I need to process your XML export which contains links to images.


Do you have an API for this? Something like a simple get request (authorized with an api token).


What I’ve tried so far, is a Get request with a cookie called ‘jwt’ set (the value is taken from the session when I log into Attlassian). But this is not long term solution.


I saw a similar question here, but with no replies



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    I see that no one's replied to your request - this is a user community forum.  You will probably get the answer you need if you contact the SmartBear support team here: SmartBear Support


    But to help you get started...


    There is an API - links are here (note: they are version dependent)

    Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API - if you're using the Cloud version of ZS

    Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) - if you're on the Server/Data version of ZS


    There is also a secure token for API requests under your profile: