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  • Hi tc211g 


    The product roadmap is not public, however we do have an Ideas Portal for customers to suggest/request your ideas and vote on existing ideas, which directly informs the direction of our roadmap.


    If you have a specific roadmap question, feel free to reach out to our sales team who will be able to provide an answer for you.





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      Giving ideas is not the problem I think the teams are good at providing feedback...we need understanding what changes are coming testing them and making sure nothing breaks it has broken in the past and the teams have complained about not knowing a release is coming or what's in the release. What are you working on? in what quarter or month so if it is something we need to reserve capacity for or is it no impact.

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    I work for AT&T consumer organization and having a heads-up on your updates and upcoming features at least the next quarter scheduled releases. So that we can prepare our team and prevent wasted development on our side if possible.

    Tamitha D. LaMontagne

  • Hi,


    Thank you for this feedback. 

    Honestly in this instance the best route would be to contact your account manager, who will be able to return answers to these specific queries and perhaps even setup some time with our Product team if required.


    Hope this helps