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6 months ago

How can we get a Vortex zbot Folder Watcher to recognize a network drive?

I am successful at setting up zbot Folder Watchers to monitor local drive folders for different environments (e.g. C:\VortexResults\Dev, C:\VortexResults\QA, C:\VortexResults\Staging, etc.). These work fine.


But when I try to monitor folders on a mapped network drive, it doesn't work (e.g. Z:\VortextResults\Dev).  The error says "Please configure a correct folder to observe."  It doesn't seem like UNC paths to network locations work either (same error).


We'd like to have the Vortex zbot Folder Watcher monitor a network drive so several people could run test cases, and drop the results files in the network location and not everyone would have to have multiple zbots running to monitor the folders.


I think what may be happening is the zbot service process is started before the network drive is mapped. 


Has anyone found a good way to have a zbot Folder Watcher monitor a network location?

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