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10 months ago

Basicauth or authentication by username and password


I use Swagger and flask in python and generate a SwaggerUI page for it. I would like to save my API by authentication with username and password. I have read throw all documentation but I do not understand: Where do I actually set the username and password?

I copied this into my yaml file:

      type: http
      scheme: basic
  - klingerAuth: []

This then adds lock-symbols to everything and adds an authorize button. But one can anyway access everything and the authorise button accepts everything as input for username and password.

So where to I actually define what could be accepted there?


Swagger is defined like this in my programme:

app = Flask(__name__)
api = Api(app)
SWAGGER_URL = "/pathapi"
API_URL = "/pathapi/swagger.yaml"
swaggerui_blueprint = get_swaggerui_blueprint(
        "app_name": "secret AI stuff"
app.register_blueprint(swaggerui_blueprint, url_prefix=SWAGGER_URL)

Maybe I just dont understand the process and I need to define the entire login process by my own? If so, I find it hard to read that information from the actual documentation.


Thanks in advance for anybody helping 🙂

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