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4 years ago

SwaggerHub On-Premise SMTP disabled


Can I set the SMTP to disable If I do not want to send messages in the system? Will the  system work properly without sending messages?

What are the implications for:

1. Invitations 

2. Collaboration



  • It's more about adding Users to Organizations other than the default Org (for On-premise).


    In On-premise where SSO is enabled, users who are in the correct SMAL/LDAP group will "self-register" into the default Organization as a consumer automatically. 


    But to add a user to a different Organization, you must issue an invitation. Invitations are delivered via SMTP. 

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  • Although SwaggerHub will continue to work without a valid SMTP service available, you will not be able to invite new members to your Organizations.


    In the future there will be a User Management API (like the Registry API) which will allow adding and managing SwaggerHub user externally. But for now you will need SMTP/Email delivered invitations. 




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      thank you for the quick reply !

      Can I create a new user without sending him an email, create new user manually?



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        Yes, soon.


        Create user will be delivered in a User Management API. There is no firm date for that release yet.