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6 years ago

paste json payload

Hi all,

I've created the API path and request body. Then I need to create the payload.

I'm trying to create a repeatable number of steps to create the documented API. e.g. I use XMPSpy, create my payload, import the json into my API. It asks if I want to import as YAML. I say yes. The errors I get imply that I still need to do a lot of manual work after that to create individual schemas. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding?

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    ..would it be ok, if you shared your json? i can give it a test... what version of SwaggerHub are you on?  ..also keep in mind that Technically YAML is a superset of JSON. This means that, in theory at least, a YAML parser can understand JSON, but not necessarily the other way around. ... YAML is more robust about embedding other serialization formats such as JSON or XML within a YAML file....




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      Hi Miqui


      Thanks for the reply.

      I was using a trial copy but this has expired. I'm waiting for a license. In the meantime, Swaggerhub have said that you can't import json directly into Swaggerhub. Instead they have suggested some online json to yaml converters but recommend directly typing into swaggerhub (not great when you have a large Request payload for an HTTP POST).