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5 years ago

Soap request gets stuck in JMS queue infinitely


I have an urgent issue to be resolved.

In my soap project , I am sending Soap request in JMS queue and next step in the testcase is to verify the response through groovy script. Sometimes due to environment issue, the requests are getting stuck in the queues, in that case the request runs infinitely. I want to it stop/timeout after certain period and go to next step in the Testcase which is groovy script. But unless it comes out of this soap request step it will not go to next step. Any way to help me out of this?



If any other info needed pls let me know.


Thankyou in advance,


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    Script assertion can be used insted of groovy script step.

    Socket timeout in the preferences works for HTTP requests, not sure for JMS case.

    Does it always happens? Which JMS vendor?

    Possible to show screen shot of endpoint?
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      Hi Nmrao,


      Thanks for the response.

      I have already tried both script assertion and socket timeout , but did not help.

      I think script assertion will only come in picture once that request is complete, which does not happen in my case.


      Issue comes only when there is environment or any other issue , request gets stuck in JMS queue.

      Actually I am  invoking testrunner batch file and scheduled to run it at intervals. So it creates problem at that point.

      Sorry i cannot show screenshots of endpoint. :(


       I have googled alot but dead end till now.

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        Do you mean to say, it works at times?