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4 years ago

Petstore demo API is not working anymore

First of all: Thanks a lot for hosting the Petstore demo API. I have been using it extensively to test and demo SoapUI for REST for a long time already.


Unfortunately, there is an issue that first appeared about three weeks ago.


When you create a new pet with a new petID, GET /pet/{petID} will intermittently respond with the right pet and an error message (about 50% of the time). It seems the Petstore API switches between two datastores in the back-end?


Thanks for looking into this! I would like to continue using the Petstore API!

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    Oh, that is unfortunate. May be they switched to OpenAPI 3.0? If so, that is not supported in SoapUI yet, I believe.
    Any way, pet store is external to this soapui community.
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      Hey thesse,

      If youre getting successful responses 50% of the time, id suggest that maybe they load balanced the endpoint and forgot to enable on the second balancer (or something similar).

      Dont think you can do much as its 3rd party api/endpoint.

      I know a couple of the other demo endpoints dont work anymore. Have you checked the others to see if you could use an alternative?


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        In such cases, would create a REST mock service.