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5 years ago

Validate Server SSL Certificate Against Soap-UI TrustStore

Dear All,


I am trying to create a Soap-UI test which does a call against a server with a verified certificate by the CA (Certificate Authority) of my client.

We want to validate this against a truststore in soap-ui to validate if the server certificate is indeed the correct, signed 
certificate we expect.

My problem is that my test always succeeds, I actually want my test to succeed when the server presents a

signed certificate, but I want the test to fail if the server presents a self-signed certificate.


I have tried this with both SoapUI-5.5.0 as well as ReadyAPI 2.8.

I have tried starting SoapUI with SSLv3 and TLS in the vmoptions configuration file. 
I have ofcourse imported the truststore in SoapUI in "Show Project View" menu, and I have
done step 4. from the documentation on page:

Which I expect links my truststore to the project.

I have not changed anything in SSL in the Preferences.


On the latter page we also notice that in step 1.9 in the Authentication menu

the "Incoming WSS:" selection box can be found in the documentation, but

it is not there in our application (Both the SoapUI and ReadyAPI).
This menu is also not present after uploading the truststore and finishing step 4.


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