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6 years ago

Integration of SOAP UI with JENKINS using windows bat file

As part of automation I need to configure my soap ui project through jenkins using windows batch command but the soap project is not running at all.

Below command line is working from command prompt and running the project but same line is not working in the jenkins (cmd)

cd C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.2.1\bin

testrunner.bat "localprojecpath\soapProjectFile.xml"

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    I am sure something went wrong. Have you checked logs to see what went wrong?
    "Not running" comment does not help.

    Testrunner utility is widely used in the community. It has lot of optional parameters as well to support automation. Please check the documentation.
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      Yes Rao , are you talking about console output ?

      I am new Jenkins so I'm not sure what went wrong .. attached the console logs for reference
      Unfortunately unable to add the screenshot with this
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        console output is showing only till plugin loaded message