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15 years ago

GUI Bug SoapUI 3.0.1

Hi everyone,

Im using the public version of SOAPUI.
When I m using the program for 1min or more, I m getting a GUI bug. Its like all the opened windows are overlapping. Besides all the intractive things (like scroll menu, dropdown menu...) are having the same bug. It makes the prog unusable
I tried to increase the memory in all the batch file, I tried to change my screen resolution; I tried to update my java version, my Windows XP.... no change

attached a screenshot.

Thx for ur help

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  • Hi,

    I'm new here, and I'm absolutely new in "SoapUI", and the first problem I get - is exactly described in this topic.
    The only difference is a version: 3.5-beta

    Any suggestions/solutions?

    Thanks a lot,
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    Even I am facimg the same issue while working at client network. I never faced this issue with one only version i.e SOAP UI 2.5 beta. All other versions are having this issue. I have also incresed the memory in all the batch files.But still all of them ended in a vain.

    Can any one suggest a solution to over come it.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    I got the very same issue since yesterday with the version 4.0.1.


    I have also tried to install the latest version, same issue. After some dozen of seconds, it becomes unusable.


    Any help appreciated, because I can't use soapUI anymore. It is weird, because I've been using it for monthes withous having this issue.


    I thought that latest windows updates broke my Windows 10, but even with roll-backing to the previous build I still have this behavior.


    Best Regards,


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    I also Tried the following :
    -uninstall and reinstall the Java VM
    - deal with Windows compatibility Settings (Windows 7, launch in admin,...)
    - check my PC'S ram
    - pass latest windows updates,
    - uninstall/reinstall soapui 3,4,5 32 and 64 bits versions,
    -update My graphics drivers

    Any other ideas?