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4 years ago

SoapUI Pro 3.3.2 and Swagger 3.0.1 OAS 3.0.1


we have developed a Swaggerhub in version 3.0.1 with authentication NTLM/ https (certificate is valid).

When I try to connect to swagger:

1.New project

2.Type = Swagger/ OpenAPI definition

3.URL =

Prompt appears, enter valid credentials username/ password and domain. Hit enter.

Same prompt appears…. 

I can access the endpoint directly but not through the swagger definition that has openapi: "3.0.1".

I can create a new “rest step“ and with url https://xxxx.xx.xx/swagger/v1/swagger.json and get a response.

But then I miss the whole idea of getting the Swagger definitions.

What I can read here:

is that it’s not supported.

So could you tell me whats is going on here?


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