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8 years ago

Generate XML automatically



i have a Problem with preferences/Options (probably).


when i am creating a new request, it creates automaticaly XML Format from wsdl. But not it does not function. It Shows me just:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">


Now i dont know which Option should i Change that it generates me XML when i create new request.


Thanks in advance !!!




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    Dear Shamo,

    you can check the following options in SoapUI preferences (File->Preferences):





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      Hi KarelHusa



      Thanks for your Feedback. i already check These preferences but it did not generate XML automatically.


      Seee attached Screen shot.




      Thanks a lot for your help !!!!


      Best Shamo

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        What KarelHusa suggested is example values gets created when a new request test step is created. Looks you haven't created a test suite -> test case -> test step.

        And you may also want to check with your wsdl / service provider for the same.