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9 years ago

File size for attachment received via HTTP request

We use SoapUI for testing of Web Services. It acts as a mock service. Our application sends requests with MTOM attachment. If this attachment is smaller than 6882 B, everything is all right. If it is bigger only a part of it is received by SoapUI - in attachment tab (of Message Viewer in SoapUI) is size 6882 B and when it is exported to the file, it is broken (file is not complete).


I tried to send a request through HTTP (instead of HTTPS). I disabled SSL for transport layer on both our application and SoapUI. Then the received attachment was all right (even if it was bigger than 6882 B).


Is there some file size limit or configuration for https requests which can be received by SoapUI? Has anybody an experience in sending of XOP (MTOM) attachment which is bigger than 6882 B to SoapUI?

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