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9 years ago

Failed to create JUnitReportCollector class


Hi All,

I am trying to run a build from Jenkins to create a customised JUnit style report. Attached is my pom.xml. I am using com.github.redfish4ktc.soapui:maven-soapui-extension-plugin: plugin to generate customised report, i have used the following property in soapuiProperties:


This pom.xml works perfectly fine in Maven build in eclipse and generates the desired report, but gives the following exception while building from jenkins and hence i end up with the default JUnit style report:womansad:
I get the following exception in jenkins build:

WARN - Failed to create JUnitReportCollector class [C:\api_automation11\src\test\soapui\CustomJunitReportGenerator] so use the default one; error cause: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: C:\api_automation11\src\test\soapui\CustomJunitReportGenerator

mvn goal:

mvn clean install com.github.redfish4ktc.soapui:maven-soapui-extension-plugin:test

What am i doing wrong? :womanfrustrated:

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