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7 years ago

Do i need to install any plugin to schedule my soap ui (open source) tests with jenkins ?



I am trying really hard to schedule automatic runs of  my test suites in soap ui (open source), but not able to find any solution.

Before giving up, i want to try if we can schedule the test suites using Jenkins.

Can anyone please guide if we need to install any plugin or jar to integrate soap ui with jenkins. I have tried searching on google and smartbear community but did not find any answer.


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  • Hi there ,

    Here am again :)


    Jenkins does the scheduling

    You just utilize that feature of Jenkins to run SoapUI test

    Please note its not SoapUI schedule the test in this case


    You do not need any plugin to achieve this. Go in this direction


    • Learn about Jenkins first and periodically scheduling jobs ( Don't think about SoapUI here)
    • Then create Jenkins Job where you have your SoapUI project ( it could be either in a version control system, or in local jeknins dir itself)
    • Learn how to run the SoapUI projects from CommandLine or using Maven plugin
    • Utilize any of this technicque and run from Jeknins
    • Schedule with the feature of Jenkins
    • You should be able to do this as it is easy


    Warm Regards