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7 years ago

Count test-runs taking longer than a set time when loadtesting?



When running a load test you get info on the minimum, maximum and average time tests take, as well as how long the last one took. For example, after my last test, set to 2000 runs, I get the numbers 91 (min) - 13448 (max) - 2486.17 (avg) - 666 (last).


Is there a way to get stats on how many take longer than a set time, e.g. 5 secs?

I know about the Step Maximum Assertion, but it seems the only way to get a count from that would we be export the log and import it to Excel or a database or something,


It would be awesome if there was a way to get full stats that could tell me how big a percentage of runs complete within different ranges /(something along the lines of:  5% over 10 secs, 15% in 5-10 secs, 50% in 1-5 secs, 40% under 1 sec)




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