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4 years ago

When Run on Pipeline test step don't take DataSource values

Hi Guys


I am Working with LoadUI, locally the load test runs Correctly, but When I try in my git project in the test stage always fails, I put some logs with groovy scripts getting this:


22:05:07,608 INFO [log] Mail Used: , Name: , Last: , DOB :
22:05:07,608 INFO [log] HTTP status code: 400
Time: 00:01:00 VUs: 10 TPS: 12 Targets: 196 Failures: 196
FINAL RESULTS: Time: 00:01:00 Targets: 200 Failures: 198
Looks like data source values were not taken in the request causing the status code 400 , does anyone know what can be causing this issue?
Thank you.