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8 years ago

Can I send TCP request using SOAPUI ?

Hi, I need to test TCP request with various combination. I am looking for a tool that can help me automate testing. It uses XML and HL7 messages. Has anyone come across this and able to help ? Does soapUI support TCP ?

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      Hi nmrao, thanks for taking time to reply. Actually I am looking to set up service layer test automation where I will need to send TCP request with HL7 message and do the verifications (asserts) of values in the response. SOAPUI is quite good with regards to setting up test automation for SOAP and REST services. So I thought there might be something for TCP as well.

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        There isn't a step for TCP Out-of-box product, I believe.
        Of course, you can create one. You should be able find the detailed steps to create a custom type test step.

        But, groovy lets you do it without creating specific test step type.