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13 years ago

Update Requirements Via Import functionality??

Hi Barbara,

Quick Question- Does the import has the functionality to update the existing requirements???

For example: I have uploaded a set of requirements with description, details and Title (unique ID#).

Now I would like to reupload the same set of requirements which have updated description and details but the Titles(ID#) are still the same .

Can I Reupload the same set of requirements with updates to the existing ones?? Or would it throw an error that it is duplicate since I am reuploading the same requirements again?? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Deepika -

    The upload is a one-shot deal - it does not update existing records, so you are correct - it would throw an error based on the duplicate Requirement Title.
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    Thanks Barbara! But is there a third party tool for ALM  that we can use to update the requirements in bulk?

    Here is a situation we have- Uploaded a bunch of requirements to ALM, and then linked each of those to various agile tasks, defects etc.

    Now,  is there a way to update these requriements(without affecting the linkage ) without having to open each requirement one by one ??

    Appreciate your help!
  • Hi Deepika,

    Sorry, no, there's no tool to mass update like this. We do have an API if that helps.