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13 years ago

Send Email features across ALM..........


I faced issue, when I click on Send Email link given across ALM.

1) Defect Module:-

I could not see any users' name when I click, "Notify Additional People (Show)".

Attached the screenshot to explain it better(Defect-SendEmail.png)

2) Releases/Project Management/Requirement/TestManagement Module:-

I could not see any selected users' name in the To: field given in Send Email page.

Attached the screenshots to explain it better(TestMgmt-TestLib-SendEmail1.png & TestMgmt-TestLib-SendEmail2.png)

How can I ensure that email is been sent to the selected people?

Also, I wanted to know how to create the group for users, so that each time it is not necessary for me to select the users, when I want to send the email to a group?

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  • Hi Ananthi -

    I don't know why the Defect section isn't returning the list of users. At a minimum, it should show selection for Owner and the user currently logged in. Could you please submit a support ticket so our support team can take a look?

    Regarding the 'To:' field - sorry, you have to type in an email address.

    Hope this helps!