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6 years ago

QAComplete and test run. Gap in test execution

Howdy folks... ok, have a suite of about 60 tests.... have them scheduled... and executed on remote system....


In the past few weeks... I have noticed an extra long test execution timen for the suite... the suite should run in about 17 hours.... but has been running over 27 hours etc....


Upon investigation, I see, ,randomly, and nor repeatable at will... I see soem tests taking... 2 hours to run, these are 10 to 15 minute tests... but they show show as taking over 2 hours... 


My last run had 59 tests... but 5 of these took over 2-3 hours,,, again, should only take 10 to 15 mins.


I have been unable to determine why yet... it is random tests and times so its not the same tests, and time of day... its random.  


In QAComplete the log displays nothing for those tests when  it happens... all tests before and after, fine and dandy log shows info.... but for the ones that appear to go into the twilight zone... log contains no data.


I look for the test log for these tests in TEST COMPLETE and there is nothing there... those tests dont show.... when that happens to them.


And yes, the next run... next night, those same tests will run fine and it will happen to a handful mof other tests....


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  • Hi azwip,


    I have a support ticket for something similar.


    When you click in QAComplete on the test without a log, is the actual result: "TestComplete (TestExecute) was terminated for an unknown reason."?


    I could find the logs on my test client, QAC just didn't get them from there. Same at yours?




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      Hi Tom, no, in my case... in QA Complete, when I click on a test result for one of the tests that show as it ran over two hours... it simply states. Failed and no records found.


      Really weird.

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        Hi azwip,


        our problem startet right after a windows 10 update on our test clients.