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8 years ago

QAComplete Test Set Running Very Slowly?

Since the most recent update, my test sets are loading very slowly, so slow that I am unable to work with them at all. Has anyone else witnessed this behavior? 

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  • Thanks for everyone's input. It seems to be performing per normal speed now. 

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      We are also seeing things run slower as I posted on the other thread for this topic.  Here's a suggestion - why don't they post something on their bulletin if they are working on some known issues?  



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      it's still slow, the pause timer button on the top doesn't work, if you leave the page the timer continues to run, all the time spent watching the pretty blue boxes flip and spin is counted towards your test time.  Its caused a real push back from our team to use this because it's hampered their testing ability due to the sluggishness and cumbersome use of the "improved" UI.