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10 years ago

How to prevent Testcomplete automated tests from terminating during execution from QAComplete?



I am running automated tests from QAComplete towards test machines with TestExecute and TestComplete installed. When running tests from the Test Library or from a Test Set, the execution starts on the test machines, but is interrupted at a certain point in a test, mainly after the second test of a project.

The logs indicates that

"Possible reasons:
- An error or warning occurred during the test run. See the preceding log entries to locate and identify the error.
- The test run was stopped manually.
- The test run was terminated as a result of the Runner.Halt method call.""


Those tests work fine whether they are executed with TestComplete or towards teest machines with TestExecute (both Manual and RDP connection mode) 


I have checked the content of the project suite from where the tests have been copied on the test machines, and all test items under the project suite do not have the "Stop on error" ticked on.

And under each project of the project suite, I set None for Stop on Error and Exception  for each Test Item and ticked off under Properties the Stop on Error as well.


So could you please explain me the reason it was the execution was terminated? Is it from QAcomplete, from the Test Agent, or from the TestExecute/TestComplete instance?


NB: I saw that under Test Set, you can set when creating a Test whether it shall "stop on failure" or not. I did not set it, but it still fails. So I believe that this does not come from QAComplete, but either from the TestAgent or my settings in the project suite.


I also find out that in the Help,

How come the project stops executing? Sorry but I don t get it.


Thank you for your help

Bes tregards

Thomas Brossamain

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