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12 years ago

How to complete a Failed Test Set (No need to run the test set again to pass it)


I have a Test set with 89 test cases, this set was run 84 passed and 5 failed.  We would like to close this test case with the existing results(passed or failed).  But in the test set Run History tab I see that one row for this Test Set run with status failed for 89 test cases.  Also I see that there is another row for this Test Set with status as Awaiting Run for 89 test cases.

When I generate report for "Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set" , displayed bar chart indicates the passed(84), failed(5) and also Awaiting Run(89).

I would like to close the test set with only the passed and failed results.  I don't want to run the second iteration for this test set.  Is there any way to do this? Version is 9.7.0.

Is there any way to remove the automated status of Awaiting Run for this set?