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14 years ago

How could issues get the "Closed" status?

Which are the conditions to let AlmComplete consider a defect as "Closed" ?

I've had to modify the "status" string frm the original "Closed" in the Italian translation ("Chiuso") with some sub-cases.

Currently I have defects with:

  • completion level = 100%

  • Act finish date with value

  • Est finish date with value

...but they still have "Closed Date" as empty field, and it seems I cannot modify/force it.

 "Closed" attribute lets also filter issues to be linked to other ones... now I'm unable to use this filter.



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  • Hi Sergio,

    As you know, we aren't fully international compliant, and this is another instance, I'm sorry to say.

    We actually trigger on the specific text "Closed".  So your status value has to include "Closed" in order for the process to stamp the Closed Date.

    Same issue with a couple of other areas to be aware of:

    In Security, there are settings to "Allow Approving of items" and "Allow closing of items". This controls the available status choices - if you cannot approve items, you won't see any status that includes the text "Approve" or "Reject". And if you cannot close items, you won't see any status that includes the text "Closed".

    These are issues we need to look into as we work toward full unicode / international support.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Hi.

    In other tools there is a "switch" to be connected (by admin) with each "status", whatever language its value is written, and the switch could have three logical values:

    • "Active" (as for open statuses)

    • "Inactive" (as for frozen/suspended statuses)

    • "Closed" (as for all closed/rejected/.. statuses)

    Tool administrator chooses, for each status, either its name (local language), either the "logical value" for the switch above, letting the tool  correctly interpretate the logical status for any need.

    This method could solve a situation, like mine, where there are at least four different "closed" conditions (Fixed with pach, really closed, suspended, rejected)

    I think AlmComplete could have a great improvement in "status" handling: I think they are the "core" of defect/ticket/test management