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14 years ago

How can I give project permissions for copy only (but more for other projects)?

ALM:Complete Hi, I've created a master project for my users. The idea is that they can copy from this master project to create a new project.  I'm not sure how/if I can I give permissions to them to this 1 project access for copy only.

I've setup group permissions under

Management Features: Manage project creation and setup for add & update.  So I'm assuming if they have permissions to add/update a project, than can do just that- add/update.  I only want them to be able to add from the Master project, but then update the newly created project... Hope this makes sense. For the interim, I'm creating these copies for them.


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  • 1. Click Project Management

    2. Expand your Project Plan for the one you wish to secure

    3. Click Manage Security Rights, choose has rights, press submit.

    See attached screen shot.
  • Thanks but I probably wasn't clear - I'm not talking about projects under project management, I'm talking about actual Projects (Setup/projects)...
  • Ah, why you being so unclear (hee hee)?   If that is the case, I have a different answer for you:

    1. Click Setup / Projects (Open and Create)

    2. Find the project you wish to secure, click the Privs icon (looks like a person)

    3. Set the correct people up.

    See atached screen shot.
  • Ok, I've already done that but I'm not sure if I give access to my master project that people can only copy that project (make no other changes) and then make changes to their new project.  Am I still not being very clear? :) ... please let me know.

    Here's the scenario:  I've created a master project and I want my users to be able to copy this project to create a new one.  I don't want them to be able to do anything else in the master project (read is ok) - but I then want them to be able to update their new project... doesnt seem like I can do this...
  • I think it should work fine if you set up right:

    1.  First create a security group called Master Project Rights and in that security group, give each feature READ ONLY. To do that, click Setup / Security / Security Groups / Add Now.  Once it is created, click on Privs and click the READ ONLY flag for every line.

    2. Second, click Setup / Projects (Open and Create) / Choose the Master Project / Click Privs

    3. Give everyone EXCEPT YOURSELF the new rights called Master Project Rights.  You should keep the Security Admin Rights to this project, otherwise no one else would be able to secure it later.

    4. Now log in as another user that has Master Project Rights to the Master Project (read only) and go into a project they do have Admin Rights to.  Then click Setup / Projects (Open and Create) / Add New.

    5. Choose to clone from Master Project and choose all members, press SUBMIT

    6. Once the new project is created, log into that project, notice that all is good.
  • Thanks.. I understand now.  Although not ideal... I understand :)