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11 years ago

How best to organize Regression Tests?

We are using the enterprise edition of QA Complete for manual tracking of tests.  We have grouped our tests in the library into folders based on functional area.  We then take the tests and put them into test sets.  

Based on this I have a list of test sets that I plan on using for regression testing.  I have two problems that I need help with.  

First, if I run the regression tests in one sprint and want to run them again in another sprint there is not an easy way to link the test sets in bulk to another sprint.  I have to edit each test set one at a time and link them to a new sprint.

Second, once all the test sets are in the sprint and my QA team is working from the test sets page they need to know which test sets have already been run in this sprint.  The column for last run status shows the status from the previous sprint at the start of an new sprint.  They could look at the date of the last run but it is easy for them to miss that.  As a work around I have added a new check box field that tells them they have run this test set once in this Sprint.  However that requires them to edit the test set and check the box the first time they run the test set.  This approach is fraught with human error.

Any ideas?



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