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13 years ago

Export tests and test steps

Is there an export feature or report I can use to export all Tests and their test steps into Excel?  I have a need to produce a document (Test Plan) with all the tests, test steps and expected results.

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  • Hi Kevin,

    It looks like you need a test management tool. Please refer to the following FAQ entry.

    As for TestComplete, you can export manual tests to HTML and Microsoft Word, and test results to XML, HTML and MHT. Exporting tests and their results to Excel is currently impossible (though, you can copy the contents of script units to Excel manually). We have suggestions to implement exporting test results and, particularly, keyword tests to Excel in our database, and your request has increased their rating. Thank you.

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    My apologies, I should have been more clear.  I'm evaluating the ALMComplete tool and so I'm running the trial version from the web.  I also realize I put this question under the TestComplete forum - my bad.

    ALMComplete allows me to create tests and test steps (detailed instructions for a tester to perform manually).  We don't need the full automated testing tool that TestComplete provides, just a way for our developers to capture their test steps, along with the nice features provided like linking the tests to a release, configuration, requirements, etc.  So ALMComplete looks good for what we want, but in the end we need to export those requirements, tests and their detailed test steps out to an MS Word document.  I had previously specified Excel thinking we could make do with that and import from there to Word on our own.  We have a need for our customer to see and sign off on requirements documents and test plans (paper copy), that's why the need to export from ALMComplete to Word (or Excel).  So ideally, it would be nice to pick the project, right-click and export all requirements to Word, ditto for all tests and test steps for the project/application.  Any thing like that in ALMComplete?  Any thoughts about providing that in a future release.  Some what surprised if there isn't a way to do that now, seems like ALMComplete does everything we need, expect for that. 

    I assume that ALMComplete is a windows application and not a web application.  So is it possible there is such an export I'm seeking, but that I can't see it since I'm running the web-based trial version because when I right-click I of course get the standard browser menu options, and not what would/could be a functional windows-based right-click that may have additional options.

  • Hi Kevin!

    ALMComplete is a web application. You can either purchase our cloud version where we host you on our servers, or your can purchase an "on premises" version where you host your own web application on your own servers.

    Anyway - you can export almost anything in ALMComplete to a CSV file.

    For the Test Library, all you need to do is go to Test Management, click on Test Library. You can create a filter to select a subset of Tests if you want.

    All Tests displayed on the grid listing will be exported.

    Click the Actions drop down. You'll see several Export options.

    Export Tests (visible fields only) exports the data on the columns that you see plus Step / Expected Results.

    Export Tests (all fields) exports all the info on the Test plus Step / Expected Results.

    You can do the same with Requirements: go to the Requirements tab and click the Actions drop down, then Export.

    Hope this helps!
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    the most simple way which i used for export test and test steps is

     firstly you  should go to Grid View. then Set Filter for your Tests.

    then go to menue and select Analysis  then  Reports  and in the end "Tests with Design Steps"

    and save it as a private view. than open dashboard and view your report.

    than click on report area and chose  "Export to MS Excel".
  • Kevin,

    how ddi you convert the report to Excel ?

    you said "than click on report area and chose  "Export to MS Excel"".

    The report is saved, but not in excel. It is in HTML, pdf, or word. I was not able to open it in excel. What did you mean by "click on report area and choose  "Export to MS Excel"

    Apprecaite your help