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7 years ago

Error when signing into QAComplete via Chrome

Has anyone else encountered the attached error when signing into QAComplete via Chrome?


It says "You do not have security authority to access, contact your security administrator for more information"


I am the security administrator and there is nothing wrong with my profile, verified by the fact I can successfully sign in via MS Edge.


Any ideas?

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    The behavior you face is really weird, since the error you get is not likely to be browser related, unless it has something to do with cached data. Please try clearing cache/cookies in Chrome. Another quick idea: do you have several QAComplete instances available (e.g. Test and Production, or On-Premises and SaaS department)? Possibly, you are getting into different instances from different browsers, and in the instance you are trying to log in via Chrome, you don't have enough permissions to access a particular project.


    If ideas above do not help to resolve the issue, please create a new support case here:

    Our product team will look deeper into the situation you face.

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      Hi LexiAQA, thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried clearing my cache and it made no difference. I'm only using the SaaS version of QAComplete. I've logged a ticket, as per your suggestion.