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13 years ago

Deleting Test cases from the Test Sets


How do you delete a test cases from an existing Test Sets?

So far we've been unchecking the 'Is Active?' checkbox but it can be very confusing for some of business users who are doing testing.

Thank you


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  • Hi Edna -

    You can modify the Tests that are in any Test Set just by editing the Test Set. Click the Tests tab, then click Add or Edit Tests. Remove a Test from the Set by clicking on the "Remove Linked Item" icon, then Save.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi Barbara,

    The Solution will deleted the test case in the test set, if the test set has been started, is there a way to remove the test case from the running test set..

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      Hi Swaroop,


      No, you cannot delete a Test from a Test Set during execution in Test Runner, but you can skip a Test (set the Skipped test Run status). 

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    Hi all,


    Is it possible to recover the deleted test cases in QA complete?


    Kind regards,


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      Hi Shirish,


      Unfortunately, once a test is deleted directly it is gone from the UI and DB. But, there are several things, that you can check and try:

      1. It is worth checking whether the tests were permanently deleted indeed, or just have been marked as inactive. To see inactive tests in your Test Library listing screen, check the Actions | Show Inactive Tests option. To make inactive tests back active, you need to set up the 'Active Test' flag in the particular tests' edit screen.


      2. If you have just deleted a folder where a test was stored, the test will be in the Root Directory, and you can just re-create the folder and move the test back.


      3. If you have previously exported tests to CSV for backup you can import them back into the system. But note, that the CSV file contains only the base entity data - no history, no attachments. You will need to open the CSV file, figure out which tests were deleted, filter for that data, save it as a new CSV, and import it from the QAC UI.


      4. If you use SaaS version of QAC and use Automatic Backup Service you should have the zipped backup file which contains CSV formatted Agile Tasks, Requirements, Tests, Defects, Contacts, and List data. You can retrieve a test from it.


      5. If you or your users have the email alerts enabled for your Tests, you or your users should receive the 'delete' email notification, this could be of assistance in re-creating the Tests since it provides the Tests details and history of changes.