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8 years ago

fail and stuck in configuring the system proxy

I am new to LoadComplete and some my colleague introduced it to me.
Then I attempted to give it a first try on recording the first scenario, and the software was stuck in the "configuring the system proxy" dialog like forever. See below:



I had configured my firewall settings both on inbound and outbound rules to allow LoadComplete.exe and RAS.exe, still stuck.
Then I added port 8889 in the firewall, still failed and stuck. Run as administrator, didn't work either.
Telnet localhost on port 8889 while "configuring the system proxy", failed.
Finally I unchecked the proxy mode in the recording settings, and it worked!
I read the docs that proxy mode is highly recommended and the only choice for working with firefox/chrome, So I really want to sort this out.
FYI, I was using LoadComplete(4.40.3118.24) on Win7 Enterprise, 64-bit SP1 (6.1 Build 7601) in company domain network.
I guess the problems is failing to setting up system proxy. And I highly believe that some of my PC settings or policies are preventing LoadComplete from functioning since I tried the same version LoadComplete on my home PC and it works in proxy mode.



So blokes, has anyone of you ever met this problems before or/and can provide suggestions on what might be causing the problem.


Thanks very much!

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