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10 years ago

Which forum to use for SoapUI "general usage" questions?

I see that the SoapUI product currently has two forums:

Neither seem appropriate for SoapUI "general usage" questions. An example "general usage" question is something like... "How do I do X in SoapUI". The previous forum had a "SoapUI Community Board" where this type of question was asked, but I don't see an equivalent in the new Forums.


I am wondering where these "general usage" questions should be posted? (It is also possible that I'm just overlooking the correct forum and need to be pointed in the right place).





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    You can use the SoapUI Open Source forum to ask any SoapUI-related questions.

    SoapUI Feature Requests is a place where you can submit your product feature improvement ideas. Our PO is reviewing this forum regularly. So, he can choose your suggestion to be implemented in the product.