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4 years ago

Allure report is generated only for the executed "Run TestCase" step

Hello everyone!


I have faced a problem with generating allure reports in ReadyAPI v3.2.0

My "main testcase" contains several REST requests and one "Run TestCase" step which executes another mini-testcase.

After executing "main testcase" I'v generated report (.json file with steps info) and used allure framework to display results.

The problem is that ReadyAPI has generated report only for "Run TestCase" step, i.e. report contains only steps from that mini-testcase.

"Main testcase" and other REST requests are absent. 


I'v tried the same scenario in v.2.7.0 and the final report was correct. It did contain REST requests from "main testcase" and result of "Run TestCase" step.


Is this some kind of regression or expected behavior? 


Best regards!