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7 years ago

Unsubscribe from "level up" emails

How do I unsubscribe from "level up" emails?   I've seen the "Notification Settings" under Subscriptions & Notifications, but nothing looks like it controls this.



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      Hi Tanya,



      Here's the email:


      Congratulations Walt !

      As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank.

      Your new rank is New Contributor

      View your profile to see the rank   <--- This takes you to a Symantec web site (

      Thanks for being a SmartBear Community member.

      Your SmartBear Community Team

      SmartBear Community sent this message to Walt

      Don't want to receive emails from us? Just click here <--- This removes your email address from your account.


      I really don't want to be spammed just for using the community web site.  


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        The levels are pretty far apart after the first one.  There are only a few of them.  It's not like you'd be getting them every day, especially if you don't post much.

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      Hi Helen,


      As I said, I've already seen these settings and none of them seem to control this email.