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3 years ago

Restricting Users from Seeing Other Users/Projects

We are new to CucumberStudio.


Our company has many projects with many clients, and we are hoping to use Cucumber to collaborate with our clients to develop and mange BDDs for their projects. 


We've created an organization account in CucumberStudio for our company where we are hosting all these projects. I've begun to add users from our various clients and I've assigned them to their projects.


The problem I've encountered is that the client users can click on their avatar (in the bottom left), select "Users" and they can see *all* users (including other users for other clients) , AND they can select "Projects" and they can see *all* projects (even the ones they're not assigned to... like projects for other clients).


I would have thought this should be the behavior only if you are the administrator, and all other users types should not be able to see these.


Am I missing something? Is there another way to do this?

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