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4 years ago

How to add test execution result with statuses of steps from API


Hello, i am working to integrate my c# and MSTest solution to cucumber studio, we are using BDD format scenarios/tests and need to add test execution results with status for each step, but as you see from the screenshot, there is no such support for it... can you help me with that?


  • If i implement SpecNuts in my project, there will not be connection using uid's between scenario in .feature file and scenario in cucumber studio...

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    You're right, there is no support in REST API to update individual test step results.

    There are two ways to update them currently:

    - manually through the interface

    - automatically by sending a cucumber json result file. This is the only format we support that can update individual test step results.


    You can push such results to an external test run.

    Create an external test run from the test run creation page, then open it


    In the three dots menu, there is a "Push results" entry. Select it

    An information box will be displayed with information about how to push results in Cucumber JSON format (you have to select this format in the dropdown, as Junit XML is selected by default)


    You'll have to configure your test suite to generate this Cucumber Json file, and then try pushing it with curl as instructed. Once done, you should see the execution results with each step result correctly set.


    Let us know if that worked.

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      Hi Thanks for your reply,

      Is there some instructions to configure my c# and mstest solution to generate results in cucumber messages format? but as i know external test results are not linked with scenarios in cucumber studio and this is not a solution for me... 😕

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        Yeah you're right. When using external test runs, results are not tied to the scenarios you wrote. Sorry, I missed that it was important in your initial request.


        To get the link between both, you need to create a test run from your scenarios, and then export those tests to code skeleton using hiptest-publisher. Upon doing that, you'll see that it generates tests in your language. Each test contains a uid that identify them on the CucumberStudio side.


        After executing your tests, you'll have a result file that contains the test results and the uid. Pushing it back to CucumberStudio will update the results in the test run.


        To be able to generate a cucumber json result file, you should use a gherkin based framework like SpecFlow. Is it an option in your case?


        If exporting to C# directly, when a test fails, it's hard to know at which step it was failing because this information is not present most of the time: we only have the test name, and the steps are test implementation details. It looks like you are able to get this information though as you wanted to use the API to update tests at the step level. Can you describe how you have this information?