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9 years ago

Word documents too blurry?

Has anyone else had trouble with word documents being blurried in the viewer in Collaborator? It looks like its being saved as a JPG or something, then displayed. Currently, my team is reviewing the documents externally and adding in comments, but this seems tedious. I've tried saving in few different file formats, to no avail. I've had this problem with both version controlled files and files manually uploaded.

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    Hello Hook_Ring,


    Collaborator converts the review materials to the PDF format to view it in the Diff Viewer. It uses a 3rd party library for these conversions. We are looking into ways to improve the quality. Also, we have reworked it in the 9.5.9501 release. So, could you please try to installing it and check how it works?


    If you aren't able to test the mentioned release, try to use the "Print To Review" feature.



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      I'm already running that version of Code Collaborator, why do I get the same problem when I do my own PDF conversion and upload it?





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        Any progress here?  Uploaded PDF's are still very blurry.  The original file is sharp.