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11 years ago

Uploading a Word document based on a template with custom fields defaults back to original values

a mouthfull, sorry.

Well, as part of our code review process we review Word documents which we create from templates. These include specific fields like the Title, defect no, and other details linked to the data fields.

Problem is that, when uploading the document for review, these fields are all reset to the original template values.

So for instance, in place of displaying the "defect 12345", it displays "defect XXXXX", which is the value specified on the field.

It doesn't seem to be updating the document with the saved field values at all.

Is this because the upload utility has no permission to run macros or something similar?

Or is this just something that isn't done when uploading a document for review?

Is there a way of fixing this or getting around it?


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  • Hello, this is Greg from Smartbear support.

    Is it possible for you to start a case and send the document in question to along with the issue as you described it above? It would be helpful to take a look at the document itself and what is happening.