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9 months ago

unable to view source files in collabarator

Error checking access permission: Unexpected output on stderr starting with:
Password invalid.
ERROR: Authentication for user 'auto_collab' failed: LDAP: error_desc={Inappropriate authentication} code={48} error={No password, did you mean noauth or anonymous ?} error_name={LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_AUTH} error_text={The server requires the client which had attempted to bind anonymously or

Note that there is no need to 'p4 login -a' after changing your AMD password.
You will be redirected to the Review Summary screen.
How to fix the above error?

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  • To resolve this error, you must go through the re-authentication procedure with the correct credentials. Please check that the password entered for user 'auto_collab' is correct and ensures that it meets the system security requirements. If necessary, change the password to the correct one and try authentication again. Also, make sure that the 'auto_collab' user credentials are configured correctly to access the system.