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9 years ago

There is no git option in Windows Client 8.5.8501

We have a corporate installation of Code Collaborator. The server version is 8.5.8501. I have downloaded and installed the Windows Client version 8.5.8501.


When I try to add an SCM configuration there is no git option. I see AccuRev, CMVC, CVS and ClearCase. If I select the folder with the git repository and let it auto detect it informs me that it doesn't know the type of version control.


For reference, I have Cygwin git installed as well as Windows git. Windows git is on the system PATH.


What am I missing?

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    Hi ll00ll,


    Did you download the Code Collaborator installer from here? If you didn’t, pleas download the product from there and install it.

    If this doesn’t help, I suggest that you refer your question to our Support Team and provide them information about your system.