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12 years ago

Synchronized scrolling missing in Diff Viewer in Code Collaborator 7

We recently upgraded from Code Collaborator 6 to 7.  The scrolling in the Diff Viewer for side-by-side reviews was synchronized.  When the left pane was scrolled, the right pane also scrolled.  This feature seems to have disappeared from Code Collaborator 7.  How can we turn it back on?  I looked in the HELP file and found no information.  I'm using FireFox 14.0.1 as my web browser.

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  • Try turning Word Wrap on.  Synchronized scrolling seems to work with Word Wrap but not without it.  Hopefully SmartBear will get this fixed soon.
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    In v.7.2.7237, in your Diff Viewer Display Options Panel for Side-by-Side viewing, when 'Wrap Lines' is unchecked, a Synchronized Scrolling option appears at the bottom of the text section to enable/disable synchronized scrolling of the panes.