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9 years ago

Subscribed user appearing twice on a review; review appears twice in user's list of action items



We're having a problem which seems to involve review subscriptions.  Some of my colleagues have reported this to me; I'll describe the symptoms I see.


I've set up review subscriptions so if anybody in the same team as me creates a review, I'm added as an observer automatically. Sometimes, the review author adds me explicitly as a reviewer or observer. (They do this using the review-creation script we have, which essentially calls 'ccollab admin review set-participants'.)


When that happens, the review shows me twice in the list of participants.  I am unable to remove either entry; the red cross is faded and the title text says that I'm subscribed to the author's reviews (true!).


These reviews all show up twice in the list of Action Items on my home page.  When I've dealt with a review (by approving or waiting), one of the entries moves to the orange-arrow status but the other still has a red arrow.  (Clicking the review again, through either entry, doesn't give me the option to wait or approve some more,) This is a problem as I now have half a dozen reviews with red arrows that I can't do anything with -- so it's hard to tell what actions I actually have.


What can be done about this?  I'd say there should only be one of me on a review, and that the role that I end up with should be the "most important" (if I was subscribed as a reviewer and added as an observer, or subscribed as an observer and added as a reviewer, I should be a reviewer).