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9 years ago

Populating custom JIRA fields from Collaborator?

I'm in the process of connecting Collaborator to JIRA and I'm about 90% of the way there, but I'm running into what appears to be a showstopper. I'm receiving the following when clicking the "Create JIRA ticket" link that is displayed next to a Reviewer's name within a Review:


Unable to create a new JIRA item.
Error message from JIRA server:
Affects Version/s is required.
Environment Found is required.


As you can see my JIRA server requires two custom fields, Affects Version/s and Environment Found, to be set when creating a JIRA Issue/Ticket. Can you point me to any available resources that would help me resolve this issue by somehow passing those extra required fields to JIRA from Collaborator?




Collaborator v9.3.9300

JIRA v6.2#6252