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12 years ago

PeerReview Complete 2012 is here!

Software is very pleased to announce that PeerReview Complete 2012 is officially
released and available for download. 

This new release enables teams to collaborate on document reviews.  This innovative tool for code review and peer
review of technical documents, offers new review capabilities for Microsoft
Word documents and supports electronic signatures in the approval workflow. Now,
all the members of the software project team, including product
managers/owners, QA, support, documentation and marketing, can use SmartBear’s
time saving techniques for artifact review. It’s not just about code anymore!

Complete 2012 includes:

Smart Comment Tracking in Document Reviews

-          Electronic Signatures

-          Downloadable Document Versions

-          Ability to Add Multiple Documents to a
Review Using Drag & Drop on Chrome and Firefox – also available in
CodeCollaborator 7.2

-          Enhanced Document Zoom Options – also available
in CodeCollaborator 7.2

For more information, a complete list of changes and enhancements,
and resources for getting started with the new software, browse these

-          PeerReview Complete 2012
- What’s New

-          PeerReview
Complete 2012 - Release Notes

download the new release, visit the PeerReview Complete download page.

If you currently
use CodeCollaborator, please contact your account executive to obtain a new
license key for PeerReview Complete.  You
will then need to upgrade to CodeCollaborator 7.2 and then migrate to
PeerReview Complete 2012.  Detailed
information on how to migrate between different versions please see our help at

If you
have any questions regarding this release, please contact the SmartBear support team.



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