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12 years ago

P4Sandbox support

Is there currently support for the P4Sandbox feature or is it planned for a future release?  We are on version 6.5 and the developers here would like to be able to run a P4Sandbox server locally on their own PCs but can't get the CC client to connect to it.  Is the issue that they are running the server locally or that CC just doesn't support that feature yet?

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  • Hi,

    We don't have specific support for P4Sandbox yet planned, but from reports from other users I believe you can workaround by setting yout --p4port option to point where the sandbox server is running. We don't support loopback addresses, so you would have to specify your box IP adress instead (e.g. instead of localhost:1666).

    Let us know if you have additional questions,

    Luis Luna

    SmartBear Technical Support.