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4 years ago

Locked Page scrolling

We have just upgraded to Collaborator 13.5.13500 and the web-client review material viewer page advance (scrolling) appears broken when two revision pages are open.

We are reviewing word documents - with a page size of A4. I have the view at 50% so a page requires scrolling down.

In the previous version (12.something) with the view panes locked (padlock button enabled) scrolling down either of the 2 pages beyond the bottom of the page would advance both pages to the next page. 

This does now not seem to work for us in 13.5

I have checked the preferences and can an option to change the page advance mode but none of the values seem to perform the required operation.


 This makes reviewing word documents a lot more painful. 


Does anybody know if this issue has been fixed in 13.6?


Many thanks

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    This was fixed in Collaborator 13.6.13600 as a part of COLLAB-4855 along with some other improvements concerning cross-page scrolling in document reviews.