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13 years ago

Is there a command via the command line client that will list completed reviews

I'm trying to intregrate code collaborator and TFS 2010 using a custom check-in policy. What i'm trying to figure out is there way to querying the existing reviews and retrieve details?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    The command line doesn't have a way to do general queries such as this, although you can create custom SQL queries for your Code Collaborator database.  Refer to our schema here for specifics:

    If you have questions about creating a query, email  One thing to consider is a query of all completed reviews could (eventually) make for a slow check-in.

    What I think would work for what you want to do, and a generally good approach to verifying commits, is to require the author put the review number in the commit comment.  This allows you to use the 'ccollab admin review-xml' command line command to dump all the review metadata for a known review number.  Your check-in policy could have a review number matching expression to find the review in the commit comment, and then you query the review-xml output for the details you're interested in checking.