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9 years ago

How to list all groups of specific user in collaborator 9.4v?

In the code collaborator i am try to view all the groups for a particular user but not able to see any options for it . Is there a way that we can list the groups . Can anyone have an idea?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Rahulpinninti,


    Collaborator doesn’t have such feature. But, you can try to use as a workaround the following steps:


    1. Create a review.
    2. In the Participants panel set the “Filter by” field to “No filter”.
    3. Choose desired user in the “Participant” field.
    4. After this, if you click again on the “filter by” field, you can see all of the user’s groups.


    In addition, you can create a query to get all of the requested information. Here is the example:



    As the result, you will get all of the groups for the user that have the second ID. You can find the list of users IDs using the “All Users” report.